Super Shimmer & Shine

Super-concentrated fast-acting water clarifier. Clears cloudy water by collecting small particles that are unable to be filtered into larger filterable masses. No dilution required.

  • Highly concentrated clarifier
  • Clears dull and cloudy water
  • Enhances filter efficiency
  • Also effective in salt pools
  • Compatible with all types of pool water sanitizers

Available in 10 pound pail.

Super Shimmer & Shine Safety Data Sheet


Metal Magnet

Inhibit and prevent scale formation from excessive calcium and staining from iron, copper and manganese.

  • Use to prevent copper, iron and manganese stains
  • Use to remove green and brown tinted water caused by metals
  • Aids in removal of fresh metal stains from pool surfaces

Available in 10 pound pail.

Metal Magnet Safety Data Sheet


Drop Out

Restoration for water clarity and sparkle through floccing (dropping) suspended particles (debris) to the bottom of the pool to be vacuumed.

  • Clears dull or cloudy water by dropping particles to the pool floor for vacuum removal
  • Improves filter efficiency
  • Treats up to 40,000 gallons

Available in 10 pound pail.

Drop Out Safety Data Sheet


Enhanced Filter Cleaner

Dual-acting liquid cleaner effectively removes scale, dirt, oils. and grease to provide better filtration for all types of filters. Use twice season.

  • Removes dirt, scale, oils and grease for maximum efficiency
  • Use with sand, cartridge or DE filters

Available in 10 pound pail.

Enhanced Filter Cleaner Safety Data Sheet


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