Big Tabs 3"

Compressed 3-inch (8 oz.) slow dissolving chlorine tablets with sanitizing power of 90% available chlorine and built-in chlorine stabilizer to maintain proper chlorine levels in sunlight. For use in automatic chlorinators, floaters, and skimmers.

  • Kills Bacteria, Destroys Organic Contaminants and Controls Algae
  • Sun Protected for Extended Chlorine Life
  • Concentrated
  • Stabilized
  • Dissolves Completely
  • Use Reduces Acid Consumption

Available in various sizes.

Big Tabs 3" Safety Data Sheet


Quick Dissolve

Totally soluble and quick dissolving, Quick Dissolve is a stabilized chlorinating concentrate in granular form with 56% available chlorine. The product is effective for use as a primary sanitizer or shock treatment.

  • Quick Dissolving Stabilized Chlorinating Granules
  • Restores Water Clarity
  • For All Pool Types

Available in various sizes.

Quick Dissolve Safety Data Sheet


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Sanitize with Bromine

You may want to use bromine instead of chlorine to sanitize your pool. PoolStyle® Brominating Tablets provide a reliable method for killing bacteria and keeping your pool clear and clean.

To utilize bromine effectively, an automatic brominator should be installed in your pool. Check with your E-Z Clor® dealer for more information.

Brominating Tablets

Easy-to-use 1-inch bromine tablets for use in brominators or floaters offer a reliable alternative sanitizing product for pool and spa disinfection.

  • Sanitizer provides continuous protection against bacteria
  • For Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs
  • 1” Tablets for Use in Brominators and Floating Feeders
  • Does not contain stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid)

Available in various sizes.


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